Water Mitigation



Whether the cause is a storm or flooding, an overflowing toilet, tub or sink, a drainage backup or the result of firefighting efforts, when water damage occurs in your home or business, time is critical. That’s why we offer quick emergency response when you have potential water damage to your residential or commercial property.

The longer the water remains or the results of the water intrusion go unresolved, the more damage it can do, and the greater the opportunity for mold and other problems to become more severe. And because these problems can occur in areas that aren’t easy to see, by the time they’re detected, the cost of remediation can be dramatically higher.

At Decker Built Homes, we respond quickly to a water emergency. Once we assess your specific situation, we can begin to remove water and moisture from the structure, complete the process of drying internal and external surfaces, sanitizing and cleaning where appropriate and repairing and restoring as needed. To find out more, call us at 502.974.1705